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HERE COMEs the good witch

Coming soon to Hastings-on-Hudson, The Good Witch Coffee Bar is a modern, family-friendly cafe where you can enjoy indulgent baked goods, inventive savory fare and a sense of community.

Expect cinnamon-spiked mochi cakes, spicy egg sandwiches, hot Parlor Coffee, icy cold brew and other seasonally inspired beverages, We can’t wait to be a part of your day.




Housemade Bubble Tea

Housemade Bubble Tea


The Good Witch Coffee Bar will be opening later this year at the Hastings-on-Hudson train station. See you there!


The Good Witch's name is an homage to Billie Burke, an actress perhaps best known to modern audiences for portraying Glinda the Good Witch of the North in MGM’s The Wizard of Oz (1939) and a former resident of 10706.

Mini Mochi Cakes

Mini Mochi Cakes

who's running this THING?

The Good Witch Coffee Bar is founded and operated by mom, Hastings-on-Hudson resident and longtime food writer Joanna Prisco.

After two and a half years of appearing at area farmers markets and events as a pop-up coffee stand and bake shop, Prisco dreamed of opening a permanent space in the Rivertowns. So she launched a Kickstarter campaign to see if anyone else in her community shared her vision for a modern, family-friendly cafe dedicated to empowering women.

The project was fully funded in just two weeks.

Prisco subsequently worked with Freda Thomas, a consultant at Hot Bread Kitchen incubator in Harlem, to flesh out her business plan and pro forma, and submitted a proposal to the MTA’s RFP for the Hastings-on-Hudson train station house.

She was awarded the assignment (!) in June 2018 and is excited to open to the public as soon as possible.